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    About Us

    Blue Heron Coffee is a small Batch specialty coffee roaster. We roast in shop and have 15 different coffees in stock from around the world, featuring 9 single origin coffees, 3 blends and 3 Swiss Water decaffeinated coffees. We roast daily during the week and normally have over a 1000LBS of green product on the shelf. Our coffee is always fresh and full of flavor.

    Many shops have 25lb, 30lb or even 50lb roasters and still consider themselves small batch roasters. Our maximum batch size is seven pounds. Our US Roaster Corp. propane fired roaster is fully un-automatic. We wouldn't have it any other way. This means we have an operator standing over the roaster during the entire roasting process. The result is a consistent and wonderfully fresh product.

    There is no question roasting coffee is our main thing, but our small café area is a great place to just hang and meet with friends or meet new friends. A place to just chill for a while and enjoy our fresh pastries, quiche, frittata, farm fresh yogurt, fresh fruit, a variety of bottled drinks and of course...…

    A Great Cup Of Coffee!

    Don't forget to take a bag home to brew..........Drink locally roasted coffee, it's just better


    A comfortable place to relax, meet friends and enjoy a cup of coffee or a little something to eat. Free wifi
    We roast hand selected coffees from all around the world right in our shop.
    Green bean storage
    .Burlap bags filled with green coffee  beans. At any time more than 1000 pounds in stock.
    Green coffee beans
    The pride of our operation is our made in Oklahoma City 7K drum roaster
    In action - green beans in the drum and cooling paddles spinning.
    Discharging a smoking hot batch into the cooling bin.
    Roasted Coffee - the finished produst
    Bags are weighed out at the time of purchase - 8oz, 12oz or 16oz; or try a variety pack or a 3oz sample size.
    Our Display of 100% current crop Arabica coffees.