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    First on your itinerary must be a cruise aboard the Air Conditioned PATRIOT, a St. Michaels Tradition Since 1969! We help you become familiar with the area as we cruise upon the beautiful Miles River, part of the Chesapeake Bay Estuary which is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Learn about our local beginnings, view historic homes and wildlife, and watch local watermen harvest clams, oysters and the famous Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab during their respective seasons.

    The Patriot is a 2 level 149 passenger cruise boat with the main deck fully heated and air conditioned and the top deck partially covered by a canopy and partially open to the sky..

    The Patriot departs from our home dock next to the Crab Claw at the entrance of The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. You may walk down Cherry St from Talbot Street (the St Michaels main street) or park in the Maritime Museum parking lot.

    Relax while you and your guests enjoy beautiful views along the Miles River that change with the seasons and enjoy our full bar with light snacks and hot dogs or with advanced notice, we can provide box lunches or fully catered meals along with drinks and wine of your choice.

    The Patriot Staff is committed to making your outing a safe and enjoyable trip. Please call us at (410) 745-3100 to ask questions or schedule a tour or charter.

    Check www.patirotcruises.com for cruise schedule

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