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    About Us

    Let's keep this simple. We are Sprout. We scratch make everything. Sourcing local and organic whenever possible. Our Cafes are open everyday and full of artisanal breads, spreads, chef-crafted entrees, soups, salads, wraps and baked goods. Small batch granola and bottled drinks, craft espresso, ACAI BOWLS and more.

    We are husband and wife, passionate about healthy living and helping others thrive. As experts in the health, fitness and the food industry, we believe your taste buds are made happiest by food that's crafted close by, in smaller batches using local and organic ingredients.

    We're using our talents to work with local farmers to bring you a great variety of tasty prepared meals, snacks, and drinks all dreamed up locally and giving back to the community. Sprout Cafe's located in Easton & Saint Michaels is where you can find us. So if you're looking for the ideal meal, scratch-made organic bread, healthy spreads and snacks, or just a simple organic Sprout drink to pick you up, this is the place for you!


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